Key to Success in 1 Word

The Key to Success in a Word

Key to Success in 1 Word

The key to success is in one word. Hear us share the 7 reasons this word is key on The BIGG Success Show Podcast. Just click PLAY.

You can discover the key to success in just one word. That word is connected. Here are seven ways connectedness drives your success.

Key to Success #1: Connected to a BIGG dream

All BIGG success begins with a BIGG dream. Little dreams don’t have the same ability to inspire as a large one.

Your dream is your destination. Where do you want to go? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want from your life, your career, and/or your business?

Your dream sets the direction. All else flows from it – from priorities to activities. It helps you know what to “Yes” to and when to say “No.”

Key to Success #2: Connected to your values

Your dream sets your direction. Your values determine your boundaries.

They keep you from straying off course. They insure you will be happy with the man or woman you see in the mirror.

Without boundaries, success comes with a void. With values intact, success is fulfilling.

Key to Success #3: Connected to the right fear

Fear holds many people back. It keeps them stuck in place.

However, there’s a “positive fear” which drives successful people. It’s the fear of not trying.

When you succumb to this fear, you simply have to go for it. It consumes you.

When your mind tries to conjure up all the negative fears, you fight back. It causes you great intestinal distress to even consider not giving your BIGG dream a shot.

Key to Success #4: Connected to perpetual action

Successful people have a penchant for action. Once they’ve defined what they want to do, they must act!

While others keep busy researching and analyzing, BIGG goal-getters are doing it. They realize you won’t ever know all you need to, but you’ll know more if you simply get started. This is especially true in today’s fast-changing, uncertain world.

Key to Success #5: Connected to results

Action isn’t enough. Actions must lead to results.

Most people spend much of their time on pleasant activities. Winners look for pleasing results.

It’s fun to reach out to a friend. It’s nerve-wracking to reach out to a new connection.

It’s fun to share a goofy video online. It’s hard to write a proposal.

Pleasant activities don’t cause any angst. Like an old shoe, they’re comfortable. They are risk-free.

Unfortunately, they trap you in the status quo. Pleasing results come from activities which may create some inner turmoil, but they bring you closer to your BIGG dream.

Key to Success #6: Connected to a deeper purpose

You often hear the mantra, “Follow your passion.” But passion isn’t enough.

You need to connect to a deeper purpose – a why. Why is it important for you to succeed? What difference will it make in your corner of the world?

Your purpose should be “practically emotional.” It should stir your soul as you picture the difference you will make for other people, if you can just reach your goal.

Your passion gets you started. Your purpose keeps you going.

Key to Success #7: Connected to the connected

Finally, you can’t do it alone. You need to connect to the connected.

By this we don’t just mean people who know people, although that’s important too. In this case, though, we’re really talking about connecting to people who are connected in the ways we’ve described above.

Like you, these are the people who are going somewhere. You can understand each other’s trials. You can appreciate each other’s successes.

Together, you can encourage each other to reach BIGG success!

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