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build synergy for your BIGG SuccessBigg success is life on your own terms. There are five elements of bigg success – money, time, growth, work and play.

The BIGG idea behind BIGG success is to create synergy so we reach bigg success faster. We do that by finding ways to get the five elements working together rather than against each other.

One way we do that is by building trust. Today, we’ll discuss four ways to build this critical element for BIGG success.

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Your interests = my interests

It begins with an attitude – placing the interests of another person equal to your own. This equal consideration of interests allows the two of you to search for win/win alternatives.

You won’t accept losing so the other person will gain. At least you shouldn’t. To create synergy, you also shouldn’t accept winning at the expense of the other person either.

This attitude forms the foundation of trust in any relationship. Now we can start bringing the attitude to life.

What you see is what you get

To build trust, you must practice authenticity and transparency. Be your true self because you can’t fool most of the people most of the time.

Who wants to fool people anyway? That’s not a BIGG goal-getter mindset! Always align your actions with your attitudes.

Transparency means putting your vision and your values out there. If the other person does the same, you are more likely to reach the solution that works best for both of you in the shortest amount of time.

Anything short of this leads to disappointing results for at least one of you. When you’re operating with an equal consideration of interests, that means it doesn’t work for either of you.

Easier said than done

Say what you’ll do and then do what you say. This old saying packs some punch when it comes to building trust.

If you say it, you better do it.
Write it down.
Put it in your billfold or purse.
Stick it on your mirror.
Stamp it on your forehead!

Do whatever it takes to do what you say you will do.

Otherwise, shut up!
Don’t say it at all.

You may have good intentions, but good intentions without the actions to support them tear down trust.

Follow-through, follow-through, follow-through.
It’s easy to say, but not always easy to do. But it’s one of the secrets to building trust.

Building takes time, imploding doesn’t

Picture the construction of a skyscraper. It takes a lot of time to build floor after floor until the building is ready for occupants.

Now picture blowing up a tall building. You’ve probably seen the implosion as layer after layer falls one on top of the other.

It may take several years to build a skyscraper. It takes seconds to tear it down. If you’re not careful, it may even damage buildings around it.

That’s how trust works. You built it by doing a lot of little things right over a long period of time. It can be destroyed by a single silly act which may spread to relationships with other people.

Trust is one of the most precious assets you can have. Once you’ve built it, be sure to maintain it.

Trust leads to BIGG success faster

So what does trust have to do with synergy? You can capitalize on your strengths because you trust the person who fills in the gap created by your weaknesses.

Trust leads to accomplishing more with your work. All of these things, working together, may lead to more time and money for play.

We have a business that’s built on strategic alliances. We have a great deal of trust in, and with, our partners.

As we’ve responded to the current economic situation, we’ve been able to adapt quickly because of the trust that exists between us.

We’ve arrived at solutions that are much better than we could have found on our own. Trust creates synergy which leads to BIGG success faster!

How do you build trust?

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Are Twitter Retweets Authentic? Which Content is King?

The names in this post have been omitted to protect the guilty (i.e. we didn’t see any value in revealing the people who inspired it).

(1) We are not without blemish. However, we strive to live up to the ideals expressed here. (2) We love Twitter, the sharing that occurs and the great people we follow.

We recently saw a tweet and a series of retweets that made us question Twitter’s value. The tweet was about social media and small business so it grabbed our attention.

It was retweeted a number of times in a very short period of time. In fact, this tweet soon got retweeted enough to be designated a “Top Tweet”.

There was just one problem – the link didn’t work.

Are retweets recommendations?
We often hear about the importance of authenticity. Heck, we talk about it ourselves. So here’s a question …

If authenticity matters, aren’t retweets recommendations? Aren’t our names, our reputations and our goodwill attached to every retweet?

Is it authentic to recommend a post you haven’t read, a podcast you haven’t listened to or a video you haven’t seen?

Admittedly, we don’t know what actually happened to garner the retweets mentioned above.

People may have copied the url in the original tweet.
Once at the site, they may have watched the 37 second video.
And then, they retweeted it.

However, there were 3 retweets within a minute of the original tweet. Maybe we’re just slower than most…

Which content is king?
It raises a question, though. What are retweets based on – the information in the Twitter stream or the quality of the piece to which they refer?

If content is king, which content is it – the keyword-rich headline in Twitter or the underlying post? Should people spend time trying to craft a meaningful post, a quality show or video? Maybe not … maybe there’s a better way… (we say sarcastically)

Is the underlying content even needed?
If the underlying content doesn’t matter, why not just focus on just writing great tweets?

We don’t even need websites.
We don’t need to write blog posts.
There’s no need to make videos.
We can stop doing our podcast.

Think of all the time we could all save. And we can take that same time, effort and energy and just spend it on Twitter.

We can tweet and retweet to our heart’s delight. It doesn’t matter that there is nothing behind it all.

Is the conversation about nothing?

When we have conversations with real world entrepreneurs who are trying to get social media, they often say, “I don’t care what you had for lunch. It’s conversation about nothing.”

We tell them social media is more than that. But is it?

If the quality of the content underlying the tweet hasn’t been reviewed, how can it be recommended? Is it of any greater quality than a conversation about lunch? If we follow the logic, isn’t the conversation about nothing?

Isn’t this how we create value?
If we want to have conversations that add value, don’t we have to consume the underlying content?

Don’t we owe it to this great platform we call Twitter?

Don’t we owe it to our profession as bloggers and podcasters and new media creators?

Aren’t we obligated to our followers to actually filter the content we retweet? Isn’t this how the truly great content rises to the top?

The value lost in retweets about nothing
Shouldn’t we highlight the newbies of our trade who are doing great work? We can’t if our streams are cluttered with retweets about nothing.

Shouldn’t we give notice to the overlooked people in our profession putting out quality content? We can’t if we’re busy retweeting about nothing.

Shouldn’t we continue promoting the A-listers who don’t rest on their laurels? It’s hard to do if we constantly retweet about nothing.

The correlation between value and success
We realize we’re taking a risk with this post. We may piss some people off. We may lose some tweets or retweets. So be it.

We plan to continue putting time, money, effort and energy into creating content. We hope it makes an impact on your life and business. We hope you find it worthy of a tweet or a retweet.

We plan to follow others who do the same. We plan to tweet and retweet them so their great work gets the attention it deserves.

We still believe authenticity really does matter. We still believe in the power of quality content. We still believe that BIGG success is directly correlated with the value you create for other people.

That’s what we think … how about you?

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Artificial Dissemination – A Tool for Bigg Success

spinToday we’ll wrap up our discussion about artificial dissemination. Last time, we talked about three dangers of misstatements and exaggerations.

There’s another side to artificial dissemination. It can also be a tool if used carefully and properly. We’ll look at two ways to do that.



Honest vs. Kind

Sometimes we face a battle. It’s not a battle between good and evil. It’s a battle between two competing forces for good. Should we be honest? Or should we be kind?

Picture this … your best friend just had a baby. He’s so proud that the buttons on his shirt are popping. He takes you to see the little guy. Now, the little guy is the ugliest baby you’ve ever seen. He’s so ugly you’re not even sure he’s human!

So your friend turns to you and says, “Isn’t he the best looking baby you’ve ever seen?”

Panic sets in. What do you say? Beads of sweat start forming on your forehead. Do you tell the truth? Or should you be nice?

Artificial dissemination can be used as a tool for kindness.

Authentic vs. “Fake it until you make it”

Now we want to talk about telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

That’s another battle which we must fight every day. We often hear that we should be authentic. Yet we also hear people say that you have to “fake it until you make it.”


george I’m authentic every day … when I first get up. If I wanted to be authentic, I would never shave!



I wouldn’t wear any make-up!


It is important to be true to yourself. People can spot a fake. But “fake it until you make it” doesn’t necessarily mean being someone you’re not.

Artificial dissemination can be a tool for casting yourself in the best light.

We’ve talked before about the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride. But people like to do business with successful people. When you’re at the bottom of the ride, you don’t have to tell the world. Just confide in a few close friends or trusted advisors and project an image of success to the rest of the world.

The whole world doesn’t have to know the whole truth. In many cases, with most people, part of the truth will suffice just fine! You’re not on the witness stand for crying out loud!


marylynnI think with social media we sometimes broadcast things about ourselves, not remembering that hundreds or thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of people are going to see it.



You have to manage your reputation just like companies manage their reputations.



marylynnI remember seeing a tweet from a person I follow. She had just lost her job. I don’t remember what she said, but it was something that would have been better left unsaid.



george The stories you tell about yourself shouldn’t be fiction. But occasionally, you may think of them as part of a docudrama. You can put a positive spin on things. Sometimes that leads to bigg success!


Authentic or fake it until you make it. Where do you come down in the debate? Share that with us by leaving a comment below, calling us at 877.988.BIGG(2444) or e-mailing us at

Thanks so much for reading our post today.


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Please join us next time when we’ll discuss a surprising thing that others expect from you. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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The Hero Within the Hero

reflection Today we wrap up our 3-part series on heroes. We started by discussing what makes a hero a hero. Last time, we looked at the heroes behind us, where we played off the Bette Midler song “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

Well … the only way we could get that song out of our heads was to talk about another one. So today we’re going to look at Mariah Carey’s Hero.



We love lyrics and Mariah Carey certainly has strung together some powerful words in this song. It’s particularly appropriate in the tough times we face right now.

We’ve all heard the song, but you may not have really thought about the words. So here we go …

Who are you?

It starts off …

“There's a hero if you look inside your heart
You don't have to be afraid of what you are”

We may feel a fear that if we show people our true selves they won’t like us. They won’t accept us. We might be embarrassed because we won’t succeed.

It’s ironic … in many cases, it’s this fear that keeps us from succeeding. Because each of us has something very unique to offer the world. It’s born in us. It’s our duty to develop it. To show the world our authentic selves.

The promise

The verse continues …

“There's an answer if you reach into your soul
And the sorrow that you know will melt away”

We just love this. There’s a promise if we reach within ourselves. We can do it. You can do it! Makes you think of an Adam Sandler movie, doesn’t it? We won’t go there!

You can find the answer to whatever problem you are facing. You and you alone have the solution.

Love begins with you

Then we come to the 2nd verse…

“It's a long road when you face the world alone
No one reaches out a hand for you to hold
You can find love if you search within yourself
and the emptiness you felt will disappear”

We’ve talked about this before. It is impossible to truly love other people if you don’t love yourself. Love begins inside each of us. If we can’t see the beauty within us, we’ll never experience the beauty around us.

Finding the way

Now we come to the final verse …

“Lord knows dreams are hard to follow but don't let anyone tear them away
Hold on, there will be tomorrow, in time you'll find the way”

We have to stay true to our dreams even when they’re tested. We have to hold on. Martin Luther King had a dream. We’ve recently witnessed what happened!

We have to keep searching for the answer. But we know we will find it and we will achieve our dreams.

It starts with an attitude

Because when all of this is going on, when your problems seem insurmountable, when the world around you is nothing like the world you envisioned … 

“… then a hero comes along with the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive”

It all starts with an attitude. You have to look within yourself – deep within yourself – with the confidence that you will find the answer. You know you’ll come back strong. You know you will survive.

Cue Gloria Gaynor? No, we’ll pass on that!


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A final thought

In a world that is looking for heroes, in a time when people are fearful and pessimistic, what should our response be?

“… when you feel like hope is gone look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth – that a hero lies in you”

We’re so grateful that you read our post today. Join us next time when we look at what to do if your employer stops matching your 401(k) contributions. Until then, here’s to your bigg success! 


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How to Attract and Retain the Next Generation of Talent

soft_skillsBeloit College recently published their eleventh annual Mindset List about this year’s crop of incoming freshmen. Check it out to understand the perspective of the Class of 2012.

For example, Jay Leno has always been the host of The Tonight Show for this group. Bring up Johnny Carson only if you’re prepared to explain who he was!



Putting it into con-text

We have a friend who thinks they lack social skills. He believes they’re so busy texting that they’ve never developed the ability to communication personally.

We disagree – we think they’re very social. A generation before, we e-mailed or called someone on their cell phone instead of texting. In our mind, the only difference is the medium used.

We wanted to dig a little deeper to fully understand the perceptions of young people in their late teens and early twenties. After all, they’re the ones who will be coming to us for employment in the near future.

The Media Center at the American Press Institute calls this group of people the “Content Generation” – they use text, videos, and photos (often generated from their cell phones) to connect and inform.

Understanding the paradigm

They have witnessed September 11, corporate scandals, mass layoffs, sweat shops, the burst of the bubble, and now the subprime mortgage crisis.

When they think of the future, they realize that they will have to fund their own retirement while they start and raise a family. Since their parents are older than previous generations, they will also likely have to care for them at some point in their lives.

The workplace for the next generation

All of these things impact the jobs they will choose. They don’t expect to stay at the same company for their entire career. They won’t necessarily take the job that pays the most either – they’re looking for more than money.

This generation grew up with Tom Peters and the idea of Me, Inc. They understand personal branding and seek lifelong employability. So two of the most important components of a good job are:

  • Personal and professional growth – They want a job that helps them develop skills that will be valuable in their career and at home.
  • Work – life balance – They want a job that allows them to enjoy their lives now. They’re not willing to wait until they retire to “live”.

They want to work for people in a company that truly values its employees. These people live the values they talk about. They follow through on what they say. They’re authentic.

For example, if you say you’re “green”, you better be green. You recycle. You use energy-efficient light bulbs. You work to reduce paper use. And that’s just the start!

We admire them because they’ve figured out some important things already that we didn’t have worked out at their age. They have a lot of potential. Time will tell if they live up to it.

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Next time, with the Democratic Convention wrapping up, we’ll talk about donkeys. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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