6 secrets to a long and happy life

6 Secrets to a Long and Happy Life

6 secrets to a long and happy life

On a list of 6 things a famous billionaire says are the secrets to a long and happy life, only 1 of them has do with money.

We discussed these 6 secrets to a long and happy life on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

Charlie Munger is best known as Warren Buffett’s right hand man. He’s the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. He’s very successful and at age 95, is worth $1.7 billion.

When asked recently by CNBC’s Becky Quick what he thinks are the secrets to a long and happy life, he provided the following:

“You don’t have a lot of envy.
“You don’t have a lot of resentment.
“You don’t overspend your income.
“You stay cheerful in spite of your troubles.
“You deal with reliable people.
“And you do what you’re supposed to do.

Here are some ways to put Munger’s secrets to work in your life.

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who cares who succeeds more

When a Wife Succeeds More Than Her Husband

who cares who succeeds more
Does it really matter who succeeds more in a relationship? George and Mary-Lynn share the results of a new study. Click play to listen to The BIGG Success Show Podcast.

A new study shows that when a wife succeeds more than her husband, his ego takes a hit. But if her success is less, he feels better about himself.

Old stereotypes and gender roles obviously come into play. But in this day and age, and with this economy, people in relationships should focus on their partnership. Envy undermines a relationship. It holds back success. It’s just plain silly.

Who Cares Who Succeeds More

As we’ve pointed out before, entrepreneurs don’t think win-lose. You can’t have a fulfilling relationship with this mentality. A good partner doesn’t place their self-interest above another.

Entrepreneurs that succeed think win-win. They build a relationship that shares an equal consideration of interests.

Coopetition is necessary in this competitive world. Sure, you can determine that you alone must be the one to succeed more to get the bigger piece of the pie. But isn’t it easier and more rewarding to work with someone to make the pie bigger?

To live life on your own terms, you have to be happy with yourself and proud of where you are. You can’t compare yourself to anyone else. Achieve your own goals. Don’t envy someone for achieving theirs.

We are fortunate to be partners in life and business:

  • A win for one of us is a win for the team.
  • We are both competitive but not towards each other.
  • We both strive for excellence which motivates us to achieve our best.
  • We both have weaknesses that are balanced by our individual strengths.

We bump in to other modern day power couples all the time:

  • She’s a professor at a University; he’s going back to school.
  • She’s a bank president; he’s taking care of the home and family.
  • She’s the team leader for a real estate company; he’s a realtor.
  • He’s a best-selling author; she’s taking care of his marketing and promotions.
  • He’s pursuing a career in public speaking; she’s overseeing their existing business.
  • He’s the company CEO; she’s taking care of the home and family.

It’s not about gender roles. It’s about teamwork. It’s not about competition. It’s about cooperation.

Relationships aren’t about who succeeds more, they’re about combined efforts to achieve BIGG Success.

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Your bigg defining moment

Dream Busters Pushed this Entrepreneur to Her BIGG Defining Moment

Your bigg defining moment

Listen to this post! Click play to hear George & Mary-Lynn on The BIGG Success Show Podcast (Duration 4:00)

On our journey to BIGG Success, we have to make BIGG decisions. Sometimes an underlying push, or inspirational dissatisfaction, drives us in a particular direction. We call that your BIGG Defining Moment.

Jana Axline is a speaker, trainer, consultant, radio show host, author & entrepreneur. Jana created her company, Axline Solutions, because of her passion to help individuals reach their full potential.

What pushed her in that direction? Here’s Jana’s BIGG Defining Moment:

“I think it was finally realizing that I was tired of hearing people tell me that I can’t do it and thinking, well why not? I refer to dream killers a lot and I had a lot of those in my life. If I said I wanted to be a writer, someone would tell me my grammar wasn’t good enough. If I said I wanted to be a dancer, someone would say you have no rythmn. I kept hearing this my whole life and I would just accept it and tell myself if they say I’m not good enough, why bother trying.

About a year ago, Cigna Healthcare came out with a slogan: Go You. That resonated with me…be you, be an original, don’t be anybody else, go live your dreams, go do what you’re passionate about. And when I came across that messaging, I thought why not today?

So I started my blog. A couple months later I began writing my book. I started getting interviewed on radio shows, then started my own radio show…so all of these things have been buiding on each other, but it all started with: why not today, go you.”

Wow! We are so impressed with Jana’s ability to free herself from what others thought she could or could not do, so she can live life on her own terms.

From dream busters to uncertainty, what keeps you from going after your dreams? This is why we created our free special report: DECIDE! 5 Keys to Know What to Do Next, to help you maneuver through the clutter in your mind, to help you feel more confident, and to help you move forward with no fear.

Download the report and you’ll also get instant access into our Entrepreneurturing™ Center where you can hear our full interview with Jana. You’ll learn:

  • What motivates her to help people improve their 9-5
  • The common mistakes people make between 9-5
  • What she thinks is the key to success when creating a stragegy for achieving your goals.
  • Her suggested approach for discovering your strengths
  • How to know whether you should change your position, job or career

It’s time to create your BIGG Defining Moment…it leads to BIGG Success.

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a father can have it all

How to Have It All

a father can have it all

Listen to this post! Click Play to hear George & Mary-Lynn on The BIGG Success Show Podcast (Duration 5:25)

Over the weekend, we caught a great show on National Geographic Wild called Swamp of the Baboons.

It’s about a baboon family in Botswana and its alpha male Boro. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we noted something interesting about Boro:

As long as he was the alpha male, he didn’t tend to his kids. But then he broke a leg and another male took over the helm. All of a sudden, Boro made time for his young ones.

Sometimes, we humans behave like baboons!

We often neglect family and other important priorities until something bad happens. Then we’re all about them.

But a recent study by Accenture called Defining Success shows we’re learning.

Before we get into it, we’ll make a generality:

  • For some time, women have wanted to bring home the bacon AND cook up a great life at home too.
  • Men seemed pretty content focusing on bringing home the bacon. But that has changed – more and more men want to “have it all” too.
  • The study shows seventy percent of men and women believe they can do just that.

BIGG Success is life on your own terms. By definition, that means having it all.

We help people make more money while working less. It’s about finding the perfect life blend for you.

So how can you have it all? Here are three tips:

1) Focus on value, not reward
Studies show that we humans tend to prefer short-term rewards, even if the long-term rewards are more valuable.

It’s important to understand this inherent evolutionary bias. Otherwise, you’ll always go for the short-term.

The result? You’ll get divorced, raise bad children and go to jail.

The problem is our work often delivers immediate gratification. So we spend time working rather than with family, where the results are less immediate and less tangible.

So how can you program your brain to not just think short-term?

Bring the future back to now!

How do you do that? Through visualization.

Picture the value of time spent with your spouse and kids, your mom and dad, and other loved ones.

See yourself talking with them in the future about the memories you create today. Watch it as if it were a movie.

Only don’t just use your sense of sight. Get your other senses involved as well.

More importantly, feel the emotions you will feel if you make time for your family today.

2) Ebb and flow
Stop striving for work-life balance. It’s a recipe for disappointment, guilt and stress.

At times, work will demand your attention. Go with it.

At other times, personal demands will take over. Attend to them.

3) Communicate constantly
The key to everything we’ve talked about so far is communication. Maintain an open dialogue with all the important people in your life all the time.

Then you can flow back and forth as needed and they’ll understand. And you’ll have it all! That’s BIGG success!

Do you have it all? How do you do it?

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5 tips for couples in business_BIGG Success

5 Tips for Couples in Business to Mix Business with Pleasure

5 tips for couples in business_BIGG Success

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The two of us are spending the whole day together, just like we do everyday – because we’re one of a growing number of couples in business.

If you’re one of us, you’ll probably relate to this – the first thing most people ask is:

“How do you do that?”

And then they add:

“My spouse and I could never do that.”

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BIGG success is life on your own terms. We’ve always loved spending as much time together as possible. Being a couple in business lets us max it out.

We get so excited when we meet other couples in business. And we’ve been so fortunate to meet some dynamic duos.

Like Danno Wolkoff and Laura Orkin. Their company, Envision Radio Networks, is the syndicator for our radio show, BIGG Success in a Minute.

We’d like to congratulate them for hitting a milestone this year – their business is ten years old. And we love how they’re celebrating it – they recently made a donation to Danno’s college radio station, WJPZ-FM in Syracuse. The facility is now called the Envision Radio Networks Broadcast Center.

It just goes to show you what couples in business can accomplish. So today, we thought we’d share five tips on how couples in business can mix business with pleasure.

These are mostly a reminder for ourselves. We hope they resonate with you too.

Be whole(istic) 

We spelled it wrong for a reason. We want to emphasize to keep your WHOLE life in mind with everything you do.

Your personal and professional worlds are more interdependent than they are for most people. That’s a good thing…as long as you consciously factor it in as you make plans and decisions.

You also need to keep your whole person in mind. It’s easy to lose yourself when you’re just half of a team.

This doesn’t need to be the case. In fact, quite the opposite.

You should build each other up for your mutual benefit. Couples in business can do this better than any other partners could.

Live with purpose on purpose  

It’s easy to just jump right in with both feet. It’s easy to just focus on what’s urgent. It’s easy to get stuck in the day-to-day.

But couples in business need to live intentionally.

Know your underlying purpose. What’s your WHY?

It should drive every decision – business and personal. Because you will feel the effects more than most people, given your choice to live and work together.

So live with purpose, on purpose.

Bump heads regularly  

We hasten to say that we’re not being literal here.

And no head butting, just head bumping!

By that we mean, check in with each other frequently. We tend to do this over the course of the day by taking quick breaks together.

In just a few minutes, we can catch each other up. We can also help each other with any challenges that have arisen.

It’s also so important to take time out to discuss the BIGG picture. We haven’t always been as good at this as we should. We talk a lot about the day-to-day. We know what we’re trying to accomplish. But we have to force ourselves to slow down and review our plans and progress.

There’s one more piece to bumping heads. You both need to be able to speak freely AND disagree. Disagreement is so important. And boy, do we have our disagreements. They’re good for both our business and our relationship.

If you both agree all the time, you’re probably missing opportunities at best or taking risks you shouldn’t at worst. So you have to lovingly disagree.

Shut up and down 

Know when to say when. Then shut up. Stop talking about the business.

Schedule time to shut down. Then stop working.

We struggle with this. We both love our work.

But we need couple time. So we try to set times and/or days when business is in the background.

We often go for a drive in the country and walk along a river. We also love mysteries.

For example, we have The Thin Man series DVRed right now. Now you know what we’re doing for Valentine’s Day!

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, we’re not good at following rules. So if one of us gets an epiphany while we’re in down mode, we may mention it. We may write it down.

But it’s important to not let it overtake your time together, no matter how BIGG the idea may be.

Bring outsiders in 

We can’t emphasize this one enough – get a coach. We find our coaches invaluable.

If you can’t afford to do that at this point, find other couples in business to network with.

A great way to do that is something we’re going to announce in just days. The best way to find out about it is to sign up for our newsletter.

So what’s the secret to a lasting relationship? A growing number of couples in business are finding it pays personally and professionally to mix business with pleasure. It leads to BIGG success!

Are you part of the growing number of couples in business?

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