How to make lasting connections blog post image

How to Make Lasting Connections

How to make lasting connections blog post image

Our show is a tribute to a woman who was called a connector. You’ll see why and learn some of her secrets to making lasting connections.

We met Liz Strauss through Chris Brogan many years ago, who recommended we reach out to her. Liz had a successful blog with tens of thousands of comments. She would start conversations there, and in the comment section, a community grew. Not too long after meeting Liz, she became our first business coach.

In addition to being a relationship builder, Liz was well-regarded as a business strategist, a coach, a keynote speaker, author, and the CEO and founder of one of the most intimate conferences ever! SOBCon, a conference for successful and outstanding bloggers was a popular event held in Chicago, described as where the virtual meets the concrete.

Bringing Community Together

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The Way You Wear Your Brand


Connie Burke from GMC hands over the keys to a new Terrain to Mark Horvath

We recently attended SOBCon 2011 – a conference for people with businesses like ours. The organizers, Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker, are two of the most amazing people you could ever hope to meet.

They manage to put together an exceptional experience every year. There’s the term…


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Many small business owners forget they’re in the business of delivering experiences. You don’t sell products or services; you sell experiences. You deliver those experiences through your products and services.

An unforgettable experience
We experienced something at SOBCon this year that we didn’t think we would ever experience first-hand. Before we get into that, a little history:

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Entrepreneurs Can Be Authentic Without Getting Naked

Be authentic without getting naked

Our title is not an original to us. It came from Liz Strauss, who along with Terry Starbucker co-founded SOBcon – the premier conference for Successful Online Businesses. We highly recommend it!

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Are you amazed by some of the things some people say on social media? It’s bad enough when it’s John or Jane Doe.

But do you ever find yourself shaking your head in disbelief when an entrepreneur complains about a customer or talks openly about cash flow problems?

You can be yourself without revealing everything. A little mystery makes your business sexier.

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How to Stay Focused

on_target.jpgHave you ever met someone who really seemed to have it all?

‘Cause they’ve got personality … walk!

Personality … talk!

Personality … smile!

Well you get the idea! So ends our tribute to Lloyd Price and the song You’ve Got Personality. Back to our regularly scheduled program …

You know they could be a bigg success, but they just can’t stay focused. They start a project but then something else captures their attention. Kind of like the interruption we just had with the song.

Bright, shiny objects

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BIGG Success is one year old

Thanks to You, Bigg Success is One Year Old!

BIGG Success is one year old

Hey it’s party time! We’re celebrating the first birthday of BIGG Success. We’re so excited to have come this far. We weren’t sure we would make it!

Seriously, though, we want to take this opportunity to say one simple thing …

Thank YOU!

We couldn’t do this without you. There would no reason to keep doing it if you didn’t visit us. So whether you check in every day or every now and then, we thank you so much.

It wouldn’t be any fun to do this if you weren’t here. We feel fortunate that more people are discovering Bigg Success. From site visitors to podcast and newsletter subscribers –  we’re seeing more people every month in every category. We thank you so much for sharing Bigg Success with your friends and business associates!

We also check page views and show downloads and we see that you’re consuming our content faithfully. We’re just thrilled that you take time out of your busy schedule – and we know how busy you are – to check in on us like you do.

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