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Why You Should NOT Follow Your Passion

Passion is your partner for BIGG Success“Follow your passion” is bad advice. Sure, it strikes an emotional chord. Yes, it sells well. But you will be miserable if you do it.

Before we go on, we should clarify one point: Uncovering your passions is a useful exercise. It’s part of fully understanding who you are.

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll have fun in your career and/or business if you follow your passion.

Life is a dance. Passion is your partner. Do NOT follow your passion. Lead it.

Otherwise, passion may step on your toes!

You’ll start a business that was a hobby. Before you know it, you’ll have neither a business nor a hobby!

The business won’t make enough money to sustain you. Even worse, you’ll work hours at something you love now but will come to hate.

So you need to lead your passions. And you do that by finding the one-two-three, one-two-three rhythm in the song.


While you uncover your passions, also think about what you’re really good at. What comes easy for you that others find difficult?

Your proficiencies may be closely related to your passions. You may even have trouble distinguishing one from the other.

It really doesn’t matter – they’re all part of who you are.


You’re not looking for just any people. You’re looking for people with a problem.

But not just any people with a problem. You’re looking for people with a problem that intersects with your passions and proficiencies.

But that’s not quite enough. You need one more thing.


You need to be able to provide a solution that (1) the people with a problem will pay without hesitation and (2) you can make money.

Because you know what’s fun? Making money at something you’re passionate about and proficient at for people who are passionate about your solution.

Money is not a necessary evil. Money is necessary.

But you don’t love money. You have your passions. But money makes the dance fun.

Lead your passions to find a business that becomes a giving companion.

What do you think…is “follow your passion” is bad advice?

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How to Evaluate Your Small Business Startup Ideas

Evaluate your startup ideas for BIGG SuccessWe’ve talked before about the importance of watching and listening to find your business idea.

You should have a number of ideas after watching and listening. But ideas aren’t what you’re really after.

Your ideas must be fleshed out to find your small business startup idea.

You don’t need an idea. You need a great idea for you.

The difference between an idea and a great idea is huge. Ideas aren’t worth much. They’re “a dime a dozen.”

The first step in evaluating an idea is to determine if it’s a great idea for you. Does it match your passions and preferences? Does it fit your priorities? Is it consistent with your principles? Does it capitalize on your proficiencies?

A great idea is found at the point where these personal factors intersect.

You don’t need a great idea. You need a great opportunity.

A great small business startup idea isn’t enough. You can’t ignore market realities. You need to determine if this is a great opportunity.

So you need to find a place with potential customers. And you must be able to easily reach them. You don’t want too few if you want to build a company of any significance. You don’t want too many because it’s likely to invite competition.

If there is too much competition already there, you will likely struggle to gain a foothold. If there is no competition, it is likely a bad sign as well. Many may have already tried and failed.

A great opportunity is found where your personal factors fit in a place with the right amount of customers and competitors.

You need more than an opportunity. You need a great concept.

Once you’ve determined there is an opportunity, you need to develop a great concept.

What problems will you solve for your customers? What makes your solution unique? How does it capitalize on your competitor’s weak spots? How will you get the word out?

An important part of the process

One of the ways you can be more successful with this process is to constantly look for synthesis.

You will have component parts every step of the way. You get an idea. Then another related idea pops up.

It may happen almost simultaneously. Or it may occur hours, days, or even weeks apart.

If you consider them carefully, you will see these separate ideas form a cohesive whole. Your mind has synthesized them.

General ideas will now have a particular application. The ideas themselves are likely to be simple. The combination creates something complex. You will have to find a way to explain it simply but you may be onto something. Something that takes you to BIGG success!

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Be a Success in 5 Steps

The 5 step process to BIGG SuccessBIGG success is life on your own terms.

It’s a destination. But it’s also a journey.

It’s a result. And a system with five component processes.

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BIGG success comes to those who truly know themselves. It’s a discovery process that lasts a lifetime!

What are your passions? As you start to find the answers to that question, follow it up with a more important one:

Why? Ask why five times to get to the root of your passions.

But passion isn’t enough. You also need to understand your proficiencies.

This is where the “You Can Do Anything” mindset strays from reality if you want to be a BIGG success.

You have certain talents. You may not be destined to be the next superstar on stage, screen, field, or court.

But you may be the next superstar at something else if and only if you discover your natural gifts.

Of course, discovery is just one component part of the system.



BIGG success also requires matching. It’s great to know what your passions and proficiencies. But to reach BIGG success, you have to understand your role.

You are an entrepreneur. You may or may not be one with the traditional definition of the word, but you own a very special enterprise – your life.

You’re not just a brand manager. You’re not even just a CEO. You are the entrepreneur in charge. And as the entrepreneur, it’s up to you to find a market opportunity.

So you have to match your passions and proficiencies with people who benefit from them. This may be an employer. Or it may be customers. Or both! You can have freedom and security simultaneously.



Now that you’ve found an opportunity to utilize your passions and profiencies, it’s time to execute. Begin by building a plan.

You have your strengths. But are they developed enough?

Be careful before you answer yes. The difference between success and BIGG success is often a fine line.

Almost no one has sufficient natural talent to be a BIGG success. People who stand out study and practice and study and practice…

So part of your plan must include how you will develop your skills.

You also want to think about how you will let the world know. It won’t do you much good to be the best in the world at something if no one has ever heard of you.

But a plan by itself does you little good. You have to perform, to put your ideas into action. That’s where the learning really starts…



As you execute your plan, you will run full-speed ahead into obstacles. Some of them will seem insurmountable.

But you will find a way to get past them. And even more importantly, you will learn.

You will learn about yourself. You will learn about the market. You will learn about the opportunity. You will learn about your plan. And you will adapt.



As you adapt, you will transform. Ultimately, this is what BIGG success is really all about – transformative growth.

Growth – it’s one of the reasons for the second “g” in BIGG.

It’s the reason it’s so important to start today. As you grow, you will be able to conquer bigger and bigger goals. But it all starts today, right now.

Because this isn’t a serial process. You may loop back at any point in time as you gain new information. And you will grow some more.

BIGG success doesn’t come just because you want it.

You can’t say it and make it so.

All the affirmations in the world won’t get you there.

It will come when you discover what truly makes you unique. Then match that with the marketplace and get to work to get your taste of BIGG Success!

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Be a Success by Custom Designing Your Life

designing your life | BIGG SuccessWhen you were born, there was a promise made to the world. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fulfill that promise.

It’s your reason for being.

Only you can discover it and bring it to life.

In order to truly feel whole, you must design your life so you deliver upon the promise and reach your full potential.

To find your purpose, look at your passions, proficiencies and preferences.

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One of the most common questions we get is how to discover one’s passions. Set aside some time to reflect. Select a place where you can relax. Have paper and pen in hand (okay, your notebook computer will do).

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?
  • Of all the things you do now, what brings you the most joy?
  • What activities do you perform where time just flies by?
  • Are there things you used to really enjoy doing, but for some reason you don’t make time for now?
  • What really fascinated you as a kid?
  • What classes really piqued your interest?

Can you see any common threads running between your answers?

It’s often not the activity itself that we’re passionate about. Instead, we actually love one or more components of it.

One final note: This is a process. Don’t get discouraged if the answer isn’t readily obvious to you. Keep letting your mind (and your heart) ponder these questions and your answers. Don’t fret – you’ll find your passions.


We all have a favorite color. We also have preferences for a bunch of other things.

  • Do you prefer to work on the “BIGG picture” or are you a “detail” person?
  • Are you a hands–on or hands–off kind of person?
  • Do you prefer to work at a desk or do you like to be out in the field?
  • Do you like to work with a lot of people, only a few, or alone?
  • Would you rather work at an office or from home?

These are just a few examples of your preferences regarding work. But your life is about more than just work. Think about preferences in your personal life as well.

Passions are about the bigger picture. Preferences are about the finer points. In order to live your life on your own terms, you have to find those places where your passions and preferences align.


  • What do you find easy to do that others find difficult?
  • What classes did you ace in school?
  • What assignments have you excelled at in your career?

While there is much debate among scholars about the importance of innate ability compared to developed skills, we believe it’s a combination.

BIGG success comes when you master a craft (personally and/or professionally) that plays to your natural gifts. It takes a lot of work to master a craft which is why it’s so important to discover your passions and preferences first.


Your purpose flows from your passions, preferences and proficiencies. The place where they converge is your center, your purpose. At this point, you feel abundant energy.

With your purpose in mind, you can begin exploring for opportunities. You’re starting with you in mind and then finding an opportunity to match.

That’s life on your own terms.

It’s also the opposite of how most people do it. They find an opportunity and try to match themselves to it.

But they don’t feel energized. They don’t feel fulfilled.

But you’re a BIGG goal-getter. You’ll progress to your full potential by living with purpose, on purpose.

You’ll fulfill the promise that was made to the world at your birth. That’s BIGG success!

Have you found your purpose? If not, maybe we can help.

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