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A Simple Technique to Find Your Business Idea

Find your business idea for BIGG SuccessWhere do great business ideas come from? Yesterday, on The BIGG Success Show, we discussed three places to look for your business idea.

Today, we want to extend that discussion. A lot of people start by looking for the hottest business. It’s the wrong place to start.

Begin with you. BIGG success is life on your own terms.

Once you get in business, you’ll be much happier with one suited for you. Too many people end up stuck in a business they detest.

You think a job is bad?
Try going to work every day in a business you hate, doing a job you abhor, for people you can’t stand.

But wait!
It gets worse.
Because unlike a job, you can’t walk away. You have too much invested.

So begin by exploring your passions, preferences, and proficiencies. Of course, you can’t stop there.

Entrepreneuring is a matching process. You have to match your personality with a market opportunity.

So how do you find a market opportunity?

At first, it will sound so simple. So simple, in fact, that you may write this whole post off.

And you’re right. It is simple. But the execution isn’t easy.

Many people get the first one sometimes. Most people never get to the second part.


You never know when or where it will happen – opportunity presents itself.

So look around. Watch the world in front of you. Observe.

What problem would you like solved?
What would you buy if only it were offered to you?
How could you improve what you already buy?


Don’t limit yourself to just your eyesight. Listen.

What problems do people around you have?
What don’t they have that they would like to have?
What experiences have they been dissatisfied with recently?

The wrong question

Too many people who want to get into business ask the wrong question.

The wrong question is: How can I make money?

Successful entrepreneurs ask: What problem can I solve?

Look and listen for problems that need to be solved. Then find a way to solve them profitably and you’ll have a business idea that leads to BIGG success!

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The Single Biggest Difference Between Winners and Losers

You need heart to achieve BIGG SuccessJoe Frazier passed away recently. In our opinion, and we’re not alone, he was one of the greatest boxers of all time.

But not because of his talent. Although, he was talented, it wasn’t the secret to his BIGG success.

Not because of his physical strength. Although, he was definitely strong.

He became the heavyweight champion of the world because of his heart.
And the fight inside him.

Muhammad Ali talked about this in his wonderful book, The Greatest. He shares what was going through his mind when we fought Frazier.

Frazier didn’t stop. He just kept coming.

Ali hit him. Hard. Again and again.

Frazier didn’t slow down. He stayed right there. As if nothing had happened.

Ali had a longer reach. Frazier didn’t care; he stayed close to Ali so reach didn’t matter.

Ali was arguably a better boxer. Frazier was a fighter. But he fought like no one else.

Ali kept slugging him. A right. A left. A jab. A hook.

He landed punch after punch. But Frazier stood strong.

Ali finally realized that this guy was not going down. Sure, he may fall.

In fact, Howard Cosell made one of his falls famous: “Down goes Frazier.”

But it wasn’t the falls that made him a BIGG winner.

Sure, he fell down. But he rose up.
He fell down. He rose again.

Joe Frazier would not let go down on the canvas. He would struggle to get up. He would fight to keep fighting to the finish.

Because he had the heart of a champion.
Because he had the fight inside of him to fight to the finish.

He didn’t know he would win. Nobody does.

He only that he wouldn’t quit. Nothing and nobody could ever take that away from him.

Joe Frazier demonstrated an essential component of BIGG success. As a fighter in a different ring once said:

“Half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”
~ Steve Jobs

You will get knocked down. Everybody does.

The singe biggest difference between winners and losers is how many times they get up.

Because one time makes all the difference.
Winners get up one more time than losers.
Just one.

It is “the size of the fight in the dog” that really matters after all.

Do you have the fight to be a BIGG success?

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Entrepreneurs and Squirrels Who Cross the Road

a squirrel and his nut | BIGG SuccessWe’ve had an abundance of squirrels in our neighborhood this fall. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from these furry creatures about storing up a hoard for winter and business cycles.

We were on our way to the grocery store not long ago. In the middle of the road, a squirrel had apparently stopped with its nut in his paws.

We don’t know what happened. We just know he didn’t make it.

Shortly thereafter, another squirrel ran across the road in front of us, with a huge nut in its mouth. We hit the brake hard to avoid hitting it.

It made us wonder:

Why did the squirrel cross the road?

Why did his friend give his life for a nut?

We returned home from our shopping excursion and took a break on our patio. Two squirrels scampered through our backyard – one squirrel chasing the other one.

Apparently, the smaller squirrel had wandered into unfriendly territory. He ran back across the street into familiar turf. Fortunately, he made it back home safely.

What can entrepreneurs and small business owners learn from these squirrels?

Risk increases when you cross the street to chase nuts.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners focus too much on new customers in new territories.

New is exciting.

New gets the juices flowing.

New feels like progress.

But chasing nuts on the other side of the street means going up the learning curve. It requires taking more risk.

The most successful entrepreneurs are excellent risk managers. They know that “new” comes with more risk.

Larger, more established competitors are lurking. They will guard their turf vigorously. They will try to chase you away as soon as they learn about you.

And there are market forces which you may not fully understand at first. These vehicles can run you over, even when you’re feeling elated by finding a huge nut.

The most successful entrepreneurs devote more resources to growing relationships with existing customers. And looking for more customers nearby – customers who are just like the ones they already serve.

Of course, sometimes you do have to cross the road. But most of the time it’s better to focus on the nuts in your own backyard. It leads to BIGG success!

Would you like to make more money, more dependably? Maybe we can help.

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Sherlock Holmes Reveals 3 Elementary Steps to Starting a Business

221b Baker Street | BIGG SuccessWe love Sherlock Holmes in all his varieties, including the 21st century Sherlock Holmes. But our favorite is the Sherlock Holmes series with Holmes played by the late great Jeremy Brett.

We recently watched an episode where Holmes reveals his secret to solving a crime. We were struck at his outline – it’s the track a will-be entrepreneur should follow to start a business.

Of course, solving a crime is a backwards-looking exercise. Starting a business requires you to look forward. So other than a change in tense, here are Sherlock Holmes’ three elementary steps to starting a business:

Step 1: Imagine what might happen

You must see the invisible when you start a business. It’s part science, part art.

Picture what might happen. Successful entrepreneurs know they can’t predict what will happen.

As you create the image of your start-up, write it down.

  • What are you selling?
  • How are you selling it?
  • Who is buying it?
  • How will you deliver it?
  • How will you measure success?

To borrow from Holmes, put an “exactly” in front of each question. This isn’t even close to being an exhaustive list of questions, but you get the idea.

We remember a mentor telling us that the most successful entrepreneurs could clearly picture what their business would look like. You should be able to do the same.

And don’t just picture one scenario. Think about what could happen to derail you. How would you respond? You’ll be better prepared to deal with alternative scenarios if they materialize by imagining them in advance.

Also picture the amount of time and money it will take to reach profitability. Hint: Plan on it taking at least two to three times as long and costing at least two to three times as much as you think. Make sure your vision is realistic.

Step 2: Act upon your supposition

It’s fun to imagine. Acting is where things get difficult.

At launch, every start-up is nothing more than a hypothesis. It’s a theory about a product and a market.

You’ll learn a lot about your product, your market, your people and yourself when you launch. In fact, it’s where the learning really begins.

You may think you know before you launch, but remember it’s all hypothetical. You launch to find out what’s real.

Step 3: Find yourself justified (or not)

As you discover reality, your hypothesis may prove to be correct. Congratulations! Keep pushing.

More likely, you will find that you missed the mark in part or in whole. Adapt.

You may tweak what you imagined. Or you may discover a completely different business. In either case, you win by getting started.

Sherlock Holmes had an advantage over entrepreneurs. His job was to go back in time to discover what happened.

Entrepreneurs must start from scratch to create their future. The key is to get started. It leads to BIGG success!

Are you thinking about starting a business? Maybe we can help.

We hope you can detect how thankful we are that you checked in with us today.

Please join us tomorrow when we’ll talk about the three influencers of career success. Until then, here’s to your BIGG success!

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Do You Have to Be Selfish to Be a BIGG Success?

sharingWe’re going to take a firm stand on this one. Our answer may surprise you.

Here it is. Are you ready?

Do you have to be selfish to be a BIGG success?

Yes and no.


BIGG success is life on your own terms. There are people who would prefer you live on their terms.

You can’t blame them, but it’s not up to them. It’s your life.

You and you alone own it. You can choose to rent it to others if you want.

But who is ever happy being the landlord of their life?

You know you won’t be. So yes, BIGG success is a selfish endeavor.


But only in a small way. For the most part, BIGG success is an unselfish undertaking.

You are the entrepreneur of a very special enterprise – your life. The most successful entrepreneurs solve a problem for other people.

You help yourself by helping other people. You create value for yourself by adding value in the lives of others.

The BIGG idea behind BIGG success is synergy. It’s about improving the lives of people exponentially. And you’re people too.

But it’s not a one-way street. It’s about an equal consideration of interests. It’s about the second great commandment – love our neighbor as yourself.

Don’t put yourself above others; don’t put others above yourself.

But think like an entrepreneur – put others first. Find a way to make their lives better than it could ever be without you.

When you do this, your life will be better than you ever could have imagined. Now that’s BIGG success!

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