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Adam and Eve Loved Apple

an apple for Bigg SuccessAt one time, Adam and Eve wandered through the garden GOD had created for them. They used their own personal computers to understand the world around them.

Then one day, Eve tried an Apple. She loved it so much that she shared it with Adam.

Adam had always been a PC guy. But once he partook of this Apple, he was hooked too.

GOD saw what happened to Adam and Eve. HE told them about a wise man named Jobs.

HE said that Jobs had reached the heights of BIGG success, thanks to this Apple. But the Devil knew that Jobs was one of GOD’s favorites.

So he asked GOD to test Jobs. Jobs was forced to leave Apple behind. However, despite all the trials he faced, he stayed true to himself.

Eventually, the Devil gave up. Jobs got his Apple back.

Cain and Abel

In the meantime, Adam and Eve had two sons: Cain and Abel. Eve loved both of her sons.

She put their faces in a book. She called it Facebook.

Like many siblings, there was rivalry between the two boys. Cain would often poke Abel in Facebook.

GOD was displeased. HE punished Cain. HE deleted Cain’s place on Facebook.


As the years passed, GOD’s people multiplied. They came to be ruled Pharoah. Pharoah had no respect for this GOD.

GOD sent Moses to meet with Pharoah. Moses told Pharoah that GOD wanted HIS people to opt-out of Pharoah’s program. But Pharoah refused to allow it.

So GOD infected Pharoah’s computer with a virus. Once Pharoah saw this, he was very afraid. He let GOD’s people go.

GOD knew his people needed rules to live by. GOD wrote these rules on a Tablet.

David and Goliath

GOD’s people ran into a giant named Goliath. Goliath terrified them. No one was brave enough to take him on.

Then David came along. He volunteered to go head-to-head with Goliath.

The people told the king about David. The king was a battle-hardened veteran.

He didn’t think David stood a chance. So he tried to arm him with the conventional weapons and armor of a warrior.

David rejected it all. He knew he couldn’t beat the giant with traditional methods.

He focused on what he knew. He used tools that allowed him to remain light and nimble.

He faced up to the giant. Goliath laughed when he saw this little guy.

But David quickly brought the giant down. The people were thrilled. They announced that David would be their king.

Of course, they did so in less than 140 characters!

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Do You Treat Your Customers Like a Lover or a Spouse?

abandoned loveHe stood at the bar, surrounded by people…yet all alone.

Music. Talk. Laughter. A blender. Noise. He was aware of them all but his thoughts were even louder.

Why did she leave me? Why doesn’t she love me anymore?

She used to be his biggest fan. She used to tell him so.

And she never stopped telling others how much she loved him. She said so…on Facebook and Twitter and in real life.

Listen to the audio version of this story. Click the player to hear it on The BIGG Success Show podcast.

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When they first got together, people said they were a perfect match. He looked out for her needs. He took care of her. His passion was visible to everyone.

But over time, he began to take her for granted. He thought she would always stick with him. She would always be a fan.

She would catch him looking at others. At first it was just a glance. But the glances showed more interest as time went by. He didn’t think she noticed; he was wrong.

She also noticed that he didn’t look out for her like he used to. He just didn’t seem to care as much.

The passion was gone. But she wondered if he still loved her.

He seemed more distant. It seemed like he found others more interesting than her.

It used to be just the opposite. No one was like her. He was devoted to her. But now it had come to this.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She left him.

She started buying from his competitor.

His competitor shows the same kind of passion for her that he used to show. She hopes this relationship lasts.

It’s complicated…but if it works out, she’ll talk about him on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else she can.

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Are Twitter Retweets Authentic? Which Content is King?

The names in this post have been omitted to protect the guilty (i.e. we didn’t see any value in revealing the people who inspired it).

(1) We are not without blemish. However, we strive to live up to the ideals expressed here. (2) We love Twitter, the sharing that occurs and the great people we follow.

We recently saw a tweet and a series of retweets that made us question Twitter’s value. The tweet was about social media and small business so it grabbed our attention.

It was retweeted a number of times in a very short period of time. In fact, this tweet soon got retweeted enough to be designated a “Top Tweet”.

There was just one problem – the link didn’t work.

Are retweets recommendations?
We often hear about the importance of authenticity. Heck, we talk about it ourselves. So here’s a question …

If authenticity matters, aren’t retweets recommendations? Aren’t our names, our reputations and our goodwill attached to every retweet?

Is it authentic to recommend a post you haven’t read, a podcast you haven’t listened to or a video you haven’t seen?

Admittedly, we don’t know what actually happened to garner the retweets mentioned above.

People may have copied the url in the original tweet.
Once at the site, they may have watched the 37 second video.
And then, they retweeted it.

However, there were 3 retweets within a minute of the original tweet. Maybe we’re just slower than most…

Which content is king?
It raises a question, though. What are retweets based on – the information in the Twitter stream or the quality of the piece to which they refer?

If content is king, which content is it – the keyword-rich headline in Twitter or the underlying post? Should people spend time trying to craft a meaningful post, a quality show or video? Maybe not … maybe there’s a better way… (we say sarcastically)

Is the underlying content even needed?
If the underlying content doesn’t matter, why not just focus on just writing great tweets?

We don’t even need websites.
We don’t need to write blog posts.
There’s no need to make videos.
We can stop doing our podcast.

Think of all the time we could all save. And we can take that same time, effort and energy and just spend it on Twitter.

We can tweet and retweet to our heart’s delight. It doesn’t matter that there is nothing behind it all.

Is the conversation about nothing?

When we have conversations with real world entrepreneurs who are trying to get social media, they often say, “I don’t care what you had for lunch. It’s conversation about nothing.”

We tell them social media is more than that. But is it?

If the quality of the content underlying the tweet hasn’t been reviewed, how can it be recommended? Is it of any greater quality than a conversation about lunch? If we follow the logic, isn’t the conversation about nothing?

Isn’t this how we create value?
If we want to have conversations that add value, don’t we have to consume the underlying content?

Don’t we owe it to this great platform we call Twitter?

Don’t we owe it to our profession as bloggers and podcasters and new media creators?

Aren’t we obligated to our followers to actually filter the content we retweet? Isn’t this how the truly great content rises to the top?

The value lost in retweets about nothing
Shouldn’t we highlight the newbies of our trade who are doing great work? We can’t if our streams are cluttered with retweets about nothing.

Shouldn’t we give notice to the overlooked people in our profession putting out quality content? We can’t if we’re busy retweeting about nothing.

Shouldn’t we continue promoting the A-listers who don’t rest on their laurels? It’s hard to do if we constantly retweet about nothing.

The correlation between value and success
We realize we’re taking a risk with this post. We may piss some people off. We may lose some tweets or retweets. So be it.

We plan to continue putting time, money, effort and energy into creating content. We hope it makes an impact on your life and business. We hope you find it worthy of a tweet or a retweet.

We plan to follow others who do the same. We plan to tweet and retweet them so their great work gets the attention it deserves.

We still believe authenticity really does matter. We still believe in the power of quality content. We still believe that BIGG success is directly correlated with the value you create for other people.

That’s what we think … how about you?

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Phil Gerbyshak on Twitterworks – Part 1

twitterworks-book-coverWe have one of our favorite people on the show with us today, Phil Gerbyshak. He’s a speaker, coach and trainer to small-and-medium sized businesses who want to make it great in life and business. Phil’s also an author, recently publishing his second book, #Twitterworks.

Listen to The BIGG Success Show podcast:

In Part 1 of our interview Phil talks with us about:

  • How he’s living life on his own terms: he recently left his full-time job to pursue his consulting business. How did he do it, and what sparked the career change?
  • His new book #Twitterworks offers tips for a small business owner to create brand awarness on Twitter. We ask him to share a few of those tips.
  • Phil shares an example of a business that is doing it right and a business doing it wrong on Twitter (hint: Phil recommends keeping an eye on @AJBombers).

In Part 2, Phil will share how small businesses can use Twitter to help with customer retention. We’ll also ask Phil what he means when he says small businesses should focus on connections, not contacts.

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4 Keys to Facing Challenges with Confidence

4_keysNo storm lasts forever. That's just as true of financial storms as it is natural ones. However, in the midst of a storm, that knowledge may not offer much solace.

The news has been full of storm clouds. Among other indicators, unemployment is rising. There is one thing you can do to face challenges like this with confidence – prepare for it in advance by keeping your options open. Here are four ways to do that:




Insure that people see you doing what you do best. Is your job "outbound" so you're clearly visible to customers? If so, capitalize on that relationship. Ask them for a brief note about working with you. It will come in handy at your next evaluation or if you need to look for other work.

If your job doesn't expose you to anyone outside your company, then work on your visibility. Get involved in your industry. Look for conferences you can attend. Participate in forums and comment on blog posts about your industry. You might even consider starting your own blog to show off your expertise. Volunteer to work for your favorite non-profit.

There are many ways to do it. Get started right away if you’re not already doing it. And then do a little maintenance – reach out in some way – every day.


It's amazing how many people land a new job through a referral. It's also amazing how much business results from our networks.

So why do so many of us pay so little attention to our network until we really need it?

Do you participate in local opportunities? Is your company a member of the Chamber of Commerce? If so, do you attend Chamber functions? Are you a member of any local service clubs? These are great real world opportunities to build your network.

Are you on LinkedIn? What about Facebook and Twitter? Have you joined any industry-specific social networking sites? The contacts you make through these sites will be valuable now. They may prove invaluable should you be forced to make a change.

How about combining the virtual with the real? Have you registered on Meetup to find out about local events of interest to you? You’ll meet some fantastic people while growing your network at the same time.


It begins by positioning yourself. What makes you unique? How can you communicate that? What opportunities play to your core strengths?

Is your resume up-to-date? If not, there's no time like the present! For sample cover letters, resumes, job search and interviewing tips, check out Resume Help.

Building a Bridge Plan

What would you do if you were forced to change jobs? How would you pay your bills? Where would you look for a new job? Who would you contact for referrals? For what services would you pay? For example, would you hire a career coach?

As you prepare this plan, keep a couple of things in mind.

  • You may spot some problems.
    That's why you're doing this now. For instance, at what point might you need to find some part-time work or freelance work to pay the bills?
  • Allow for some recovery time.
    You're human. It will be emotional. But you'll feel much more confident having thought it through in advance. And you'll be able to keep your options open to find the right opportunity for you! That’s bigg success!


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Thanks for the gift of your time today.

Bigg success is life on your own terms. You are the entrepreneur of your own life. You can be taught some things about entrepreneuring; others you have to learn on your own. Please join us next time when we talk about which is which.

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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