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Why Entrepreneurs Get Ripped Off

ripped offWe got an e-mail recently. It promised us that we could make over $1,000,000 within the next 90 days by blogging.

Well, hey, we blog already … so why not? However, we were skeptical.

A very small amount of due diligence revealed a tremendous number of people unhappy with this service. It’s the wonderful thing about public customer service.

There is one underlying reason so many entrepreneurs-to-be get ripped off:

They are ruled by their emotions.

So they get caught up in the hype. Not because they’re gullible. Not because they’re lazy. Because they want to believe it.

We would all like to believe it. Because we would all like it to be true.

But it almost never is. Almost nobody gets rich quick. Lottery winners are an exception and it usually doesn’t turn out so well, even in that case.

Nobody has a proven way to easy riches. With scams, the only person who usually gets rich is the person running the scam. And they work pretty hard at separating you from your money.

So do the due diligence that’s required. Do a search with the name of the product or company followed by the word “scam” (e.g. get rich quick scam). And check out Ripoff Report.

Emotions are important in business, but logic needs to rule at the moment of decision.

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