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Will the Next Opportunity Bring Success?

jump for the next bigg thing | BIGG SuccessPeople jump at opportunities.

There’s a new industry that will take the world by storm…


A new stock is heating up…


Here’s a new way to market your business…


This social network is the next Facebook…


Some people jump…and jump…and jump.

They jump at this opportunity.

They jump at that one.

They jump from place to place.

Jump. Jump. Jump.

They hope to get in on the ground floor of the “next new thing.”

They fear being left out.

They want easy money, to get rich quick.

They wish for a better life.

And yet, in spite of all the hoping and fearing and wanting and wishing… nothing happens.

Except for a lot of jumping. There are at least 3 problems with jumping:

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The grass probably is NOT greener.

It always LOOKS greener. But then you get on the other side of the fence. And you discover that you were casting a shadow on the grass on your side of the fence.

Many people have jumped at a new opportunity only to realize it didn’t offer the same opportunity as their old opportunity.

Before you jump, make sure the grass REALLY is greener.

Even if it is, how much effort will it take to make the grass greener right where you are?

You give away your cumulative advantage.

When you jump at a new opportunity, you often start with almost no advantage. You’re just part of the crowd.

Over time, you learn some tricks. Over time, you make connections with key people. Over time, you build your reputation.

But if you give up on this opportunity, you may give away these advantages.

You may have to start all over.

Is it worth starting over in a new opportunity? Or would you be better served putting the same effort into your current one?

You lose momentum.

Momentum is precious. Momentum is powerful.

You push and push and push. And then, you push and push and push.

Eventually, you reach the tipping point.

You were behind the momentum. Now the momentum is behind you.

All of sudden, everything seems easier. This is the way it was supposed to be all along.

But you had to invest time and perhaps money – two of the five elements of BIGG success.

You had to gain cumulative advantage.

Momentum accrues. It comes little by little. At first, you don’t even notice it. But soon it overtakes you. It’s a dynamic force.

So here’s the bad news:

Your best opportunity may be where you are right now. But…

Here’s the good news:

Your best opportunity may be where you are right now. Give it your all to be a BIGG success!

Have you found success by not jumping?

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The Starting Point for a Better Life

life spark | BIGG SuccessIn Man’s Search for Meaning, a book we highly recommend to you, Victor Frankl tells his inspiring story as a prisoner in the concentration camps of World War II.

He seemingly lost everything – his family, his friends, his clothes, his dignity.

However, there was one thing nobody could take away from him:

His thoughts.

Sometimes, he chose to escape his circumstances and envision himself far, far away.

He chose to learn from his experiences – from the guards and fellow prisoners.

He was free from the day-to-day brutality of the concentration camp because of his thoughts.

His thoughts freed him from captivity!

Your alternative universe

You live in two worlds simultaneously. Now and the future.

You physically live in the here and now. Your mind is living in the future.

With your mind, you are creating your future reality.

Your thoughts are keeping you stuck right where you’re at. Or they’re lifting you up to BIGG success.

They’re keeping you captive. Or they’re setting you free.

The key to escaping to the future you want

The first step to escaping your current reality is to see yourself living the life you desire in your mind’s eye.

So when you feel out of control, think about the control you still have.

If nothing else, like Victor Frankl, you can control your thoughts.

When you have no strength, think you’re strong.

When you feel beaten down, picture yourself as the victor.

When that little voice tells you that you’re not smart enough, not attractive enough, not experienced enough, think about what a miracle you are.

When you feel like you’ll never escape, picture yourself as a BIGG success!

How do you get your mind working for you?

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The Fear That Drives Entrepreneurs to Success

fearPeople are driven by two competing
fears – the fear of failure and the fear of not trying. Like the proverbial angel and demon sitting on your shoulder, they both send you different messages.

The angel
The angel tells you to maintain the status quo. Just be satisfied. Life isn’t so bad.

Besides you might fail. People will laugh at you. They will say “I told you so.” says to stay put. You’ll be embarrassed.

So don’t take any risk. Play it safe. Accept mediocrity.

The demon
On your other shoulder, there’s a demon reminding you that you deserve so much more. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You just can’t take it for one more day.

You have to see what you can do. You have to know if you can be a BIGG success. You have to try. You cannot accept not trying anymore.

So go. Do it. What are you waiting for?

The fear that drives entrepreneurs
The general population is driven by the fear of failure. They fantasize about a better life. But this fear keeps them from going any further.

For a small portion of people, the fear of not trying overwhelms the fear of failure. You reach a point where you have to go. You are ready to become an entrepreneur.

The ultimate act of rebellion
Entrepreneurs say enough – enough of not having enough. Responsibility. Fulfillment. Opportunity. Money.

It’s different for different entrepreneurs, but the feeling is the same. It ties your guts in knots because you know you were meant to do something BIGG.
You have to try. You cannot accept anything else.

As it turns out, the angel is a demon and the demon is an angel. The fear of failure prevents you from even getting started on the journey to BIGG success. The fear of not trying propels you to start living life on your own terms now!

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The Magical Power of Compounding Your Time

time_watchBIGG success is life on your own terms. There are five elements of BIGG success: money, time, growth, work and play. Money and time are our two resources.

Most people are familiar with the compounding power of money. For example: Assume you invest $100 a month in a plan that allows you to defer the taxes when you’re 35 years old. You plan to retire at 65 (30 years from now). If you earn a 6% return (conservative by historical standards), your retirement portfolio will be almost $102,000. Not bad on a total investment over the years of $36,000.

A small amount of money, invested wisely over time, turns into a BIGG sum.

Time compounds like money

What about time? Does it compound? You may not have money to invest. But everyone has the same amount of time every day. Time is the great equalizer.

Time, our other resource, compounds similarly to money. If you invest time, over time, you can create BIGG success. It may come in the form of money or in some other form (e.g. a better life for you and your family).

Here’s the challenge:
If you invest your money in the wrong thing, you may lose all or part of it. Or you may not earn as much on it as you should.

The exact same principle applies to time. If you invest your time poorly, you won’t reach your full potential. You’ll miss opportunities. You must focus to reach BIGG success!

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If You Want to be Rich and Famous …

starYesterday, we did a show about the high cost of instant success. We wanted to add a couple of thoughts to that post today.


It’s not wrong

Some people dream of being rich and famous. Other people think it’s wrong – evil even – to wish for fame and fortune.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. There’s no judgment in that definition. Your vision of BIGG success is all yours. Own it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting fame and fortune except …


It’s misguided

It puts the focus on the wrong thing, the proverbial cart before the horse. Money and celebrity may follow BIGG success. They may be the reward for people who think like an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs know that the first value they create won’t accrue to them. They add value to the lives of others. Then they get their reward.

What value are you adding? Who are you helping?


The great separator

Almost everyone longs for a better life. Almost everyone wants to stand out, to be recognized for their unique ability.

However, there’s a great separator. Most people wish for it. They may even long for it.

But they don’t do anything about it.

If you want it, do something about it. Take action.


BIGG success is about entrepreneuring your life. Entrepreneurs start with nothing more than an idea. They leverage the resources at their disposal to turn something small into something BIGG.

You, too, can be an entrepreneur. You, too, can be a BIGG success. And, you never know – fame and fortune may follow.

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