Lead By Example Leads to Bad Leadership

lead by example to achieve BIGG Success

Lead by example is not a choice. George & Mary-Lynn tell you why on The BIGG Success Show Podcast. Press Play (Duration 4:28)

“Lead by example” is bad advice which leads to bad leadership. It implies a choice which doesn’t exist.

Yet if there were such a thing as “The 10 Commandments for Leaders,” one of them would surely be “Lead by example.”

We say it. But we’ve realized we failed to make note of this problem…

It implies that you have a choice as a leader. You don’t.

You can’t choose whether or not you will lead by example. One way or another, you WILL lead by example – either a good one or a bad one.

Here’s why it’s important to realize that you don’t have a choice – your people will follow your lead. You can’t expect them to do otherwise.

If you default to a bad example, your people will do likewise. Let’s look at three ways this shows itself in the workplace.

What’s good for the leader is good for the led

If it’s good for you as the leader, it’s good for your people.

People are put off by people of privilege, people who act like there’s a different set of rules for them.

[George] I’ll never forget when I was in training for my first franchise. We learned about a store owner who went to the cash register every day, hit the “No Sale” button, grabbed some money and went to lunch.

He was surprised when one of his employees started doing the same thing!

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

“But I’m the owner! It’s my money. I’ve earned it.” This is what many entrepreneurs and business owners think.

Yes, you may be the owner, but there’s a way to take money out of your business and there’s a way not to. If you don’t want them to do it too, don’t do it yourself.

A leader who cares is a leader who’s cared for

If you don’t care about your people, don’t be surprised when your people don’t care.

This is when the ripples start turning to tidal waves.

They won’t care about you, so don’t expect any favors. Don’t expect them to put forth any extra effort. Don’t expect them to step up when you really need them.

But the ripple becomes a tidal wave – Don’t expect them to care for your customers any more than you care about them. Don’t expect them to look out for the company any more than you look out for them.

Can you see how serious this can get in an instant?

Can you see how costly it is to not understand that you can’t choose – you lead by example, for good or for bad?

The bottom line is a two-edged sword for leaders

If you’re all about money, your people will be about compensation.

The only loyalty they will have is to the person who pays them the most.

Think about the effect on your turnover. Think about the cost of recruiting and training new people:

  • People you have to pay while they climb up the learning curve.
  • People who are new to your team, so your whole team’s productivity suffers until they get to know each other and start working in sync.
  • People who don’t know your customers like the people you have now. They don’t know what your customers want or how they like to be treated. So you may potentially lose customers because your example made money the only issue.

So set a good example and your people will follow. It leads to BIGG success!

Do you think we’re on the right track here?

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US Navy Hornet

What to Do if You Don’t Know What to Do

US Navy Hornet

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As we talk with startup entrepreneurs and business owners, we hear a common theme:

They’re so overwhelmed they don’t know what to do!

Not so much with workload – although that’s often the case as well – but with brain overload.

They have too many ideas. They have too many options. They don’t know where to start.

So what do you do if you don’t know what to do?

Ask the Navy!

The Navy Flight Manual tells pilots to do five things when they’re lost. Let’s look at them from an entrepreneur’s point-of-view.

The first thing you should do when you don’t know what to do is confess. Admit to yourself that you are lost.

And don’t feel bad about it. Trust us, you’re not alone. Most of us have been in a place when we didn’t know what to do.

The next thing you should do if you don’t know what to do is climb. You have to get altitude.

Don’t stay mired in the details. Rise above them so you can see the BIGG picture.

Remember what you’re trying to accomplish. Review your BIGG goals.

The third thing to do when you don’t know what to do is conserve. Sometimes you have to slow down to catch up!

Save your fuel, your energy until you can get a sense of direction. Speed without direction leads to nowhere fast!

The fourth thing you should do when you don’t know what to do is communicate. Don’t try to go it alone.

That mush in your head will remain soft and gooey until you get it out. So talk to other people.

But not just any people – people who are like you, BIGG goal-getters. Too many people make the mistake of talking with family and friends.

Yes, they love you. Yes, they want the best for you.

But they’re not you!

They can’t fully understand what you’re going through. So talk with people who’ve been there, done that.

That’s exactly why we created the BIGG Success Entreprenurturing™ Center:

  • to give you the support you need when you need it
  • to give you answers to your most pressing questions
  • to give you access to people who’ve walked a thousand miles in your shoes.

You can join for free in seconds. Just enter your name and e-mail in the sign up box near the upper right corner of this page.

The final thing you should do if you don’t know what to do is comply.

Take what you’ve learned from communicating. Compare it to your vision and your values.

Your vision sets the direction to your destination. Your values are your compass – they keep you from straying off your flight path.

Now it’s up to you to decide.

Determine where to focus to help you reach your destination fastest. That’s life on your own terms! That’s BIGG success!

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

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5 Reasons to Love Your Competition

5 Reasons to Love Your CompetitionYou may think it would be nice to be the only operator in your industry. You may be right. But you may find that there are reasons to love your competition. Here are five:

Competition makes the pie larger

Think about this…if you were the only competitor in your industry, you alone have to educate your customers and promote your industry to the marketplace.

Competitors pile on. They help make ore people aware of the need your product or service fills.

Sure, they may get a piece of the pie, but if the pie becomes much larger, who cares?

Competition keeps you on your toes

With no competition, you get sloppy. Unnecessary costs creep in. Mission creep may result.

Competition keeps you on your toes. You operate more efficiently when you have competition. You’re sharper. You may make just as much money with competition as you could without.

Competition ramps up your creativity

Your competitors aren’t standing still. You’ll be much more likely to keep pushing forward with competition than you would without it.

Competitors force you to keep thinking creatively. You must come up with new ideas. You must find new and better ways to serve customers. You must innovate.

Competition may motivate you

Most humans perform better when facing a deadline. Similarly, most humans are more productive when competition is present.

You pick up the pace. You work harder and longer and smarter. You’re more motivated than you would be if you didn’t have any competitors.

Competition may make you more money

Collaboration is the real opportunity today for entrepreneurs and small business owners. You may be able to work with your competitors to save money. You may be able to combine forces to reduce certain costs. You may be able to open new markets together that you couldn’t on your own.

You may actually make more money by working with your competition. The love of money may be the root of all evil. Finding reasons to love your competition just makes good business sense today.

What do you love about your competition?

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Carol Roth on The Entrepreneur Equation – Part 3

Carol RothOn today’s show, we wrapped up our chat
with Carol Roth. Carol is the author of
The Entrepreneur Equation, a must read for aspiring entrepreneurs. Last time, we discussed why men fare better than women at entrepreneuring as well as why you should put opportunity ahead of passion.

In our final podcast of this three-part series, you’ll hear:

  • how you can give yourself the best shot at being a BIGG success as an entrepreneur
  • how to analyze an opportunity with Carol’s framework
  • what existing business owners can learn from this book
  • why rethinking your business model can help you take a giant leap forward
  • Carol’s unique promotional tool and the 3 reasons behind it

We love Carol because she has a genuine desire to help entrepreneurs. If you think a little help would be good, get this book. You’ll qualify for some amazing special offers by pre-ordering it by February 18, 2011.

To listen to Parts 1 and 2 of our interview with Carol Roth, click here.

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Michael Port on Book Yourself Solid Part 2

On the BIGG Success Show today, we continue our conversation with Michael Port. Michael is a coach, a speaker and a New York Times best-selling author of four books. He recently updated his first book – Book Yourself Solid. Now one of the best marketing books ever written is even better.

In Part 1 of our interview with Michael, he told us how to Book Yourself Solid with the kind of clients you want to serve, so you can live life on your own terms in business.



Listen to the podcast, the second half of our conversation to learn:

*How Michael’s “Red Velvet Rope Policy” helps you book the clients you want.

*How a night club owner in New York, who wouldn’t let Paris Hilton into his hotel/lounge, perfectly illustrates Michael’s “Red Velvet Rope Policy”.

*Why business owners have called Micheal crying because their success is not on their own terms

* Why he didn’t spell the “Think Big Manifesto” like this: “Think BIGG Manifesto.”

* Why Michael  encourages you to attend his free “Think Big Revolution” weekly conference calls. (We’ll be the featured guests on February 1st, so please join us).

Visit to download two free chapters of the new updated and expanded edition of the book. Michael says it contains ninety-eight new pages, system improvements, and major rewrites to reflect how the world of marketing has changed.

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