Success Building Blocks: Industriousness

Industriousness-Pyramid of Success-John Wooden

John Wooden was arguably the best coach in the history of college basketball. However, in our opinion, he has made an even bigger contribution in his ideas about personal success, irrespective of whether or not you ever touch a basketball.

He developed the Pyramid of Success. In the coming weeks, we’ll look at each of the blocks of his pyramid, one at a time.


All buildings that stand the test of time are built on solid foundations. Just like a building, you must do the same with your life if success is to be more than fleeting. It begins with the cornerstones. One cornerstone of Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success is Industriousness.

Most people who succeed don’t do it instantly. It takes a lot of work! All else equal, the person who works the hardest will get ahead.

So if you’re not willing to work hard, don’t expect to be successful! If you expect it to be easy, you’re expecting too much!

There is joy in working. In doing a job well. In accomplishing what you set out to do. Find the joy in your work by pushing yourself to your limit each and every day. That’s part of Coach Wooden’s 6 definition of success]. Doing all you can to be all you can be.

So according to Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, you have to develop a good work ethic. It is one of the two traits upon which all the other success characteristics will be built. Next week, we’ll talk about the other cornerstone.

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