7 Things to Do Instead of Comparing Yourself to Others

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If you feel discouraged because others seem to be getting ahead faster, avoid the trap of comparing yourself to them with these 7 things.

People who think like an entrepreneur are ambitious and set BIGG goals. The downside is sometimes it seems others are doing better we get discouraged.

Social media makes comparing yourself to others easy to do. While comparison can be used in positive ways, it seems to be our human nature to do it in a negative way.

We look to The Professor’s whiteboard to see what to do instead.

Avoid comparing yourself to others whiteboard

1) Stop your inner critic

Your inner critic tells says you aren’t good enough when a co-worker gets a promotion instead of you, or a business is doing better than yours.

Stop that voice because it prevents you from seeing alternatives…maybe the boss didn’t give you the promotion because he/she has better plans for you. Maybe that business has gone through the same struggles you are going through now before finally hitting its stride.

2) Keep track of your achievements

Don’t take your achievements for granted, and don’t keep them close to your chest. BIGG goal-getters tend to be humble, but you sell yourself short if you don’t bring up your achievements when applying for a promotion, or when talking about your business.

3) Know your strengths

We talked about this in, “The 4-Step Exercise to Find Your Niche” (podcast episode 1053). there are certain skill sets that you are naturally good at. What are they? Realize that you are talented at certain things others only wished they could do as well.

4) Avoid comparison triggers

On days you are feeling vulnerable, stay off social media. Don’t compare yourself to others where you are only seeing pieces of the whole puzzle.

5) Focus on your journey

Timing is different for everyone. Your journey is unique and something to savor, so don’t look past it.

6) Count your blessings

Don’t look at what you lack, look at what you have! Be thankful for the blessings you’ve been given.

7) Be happy for others success

Sure it stings if you get passed over for the promotion but be happy for your co-worker anyway. Being happy for others, frees you to imagine the success that is coming your way!

If you look outward and focus on other’s lives, you’ll waste valuable time and energy on things that push you down, like envy and self-doubt.

But if you look inward and focus on your own life and goals, you’ll take actions that lift you up and lead to BIGG success.

signatures: George & Mary-Lynn
George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success


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